This showed up in a ESPN article earlier today.

San Antonio Spurs acquire: David West
Indiana Pacers acquire: Tiago Splitter, Nando de Colo, Matt Bonner

Why it works for San Antonio: The window of opportunity is still open for the Spurs, but Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili aren't getting any younger and it's hard to say how long that window will remain open. That's why it'd make sense for San Antonio to trade a bit of its future for more of the present, and that's just what West is -- a free agent at the end of the season who can come in and help Duncan on the interior with scoring and rebounding.

Why it works for Indiana: If the Pacers get a healthy Granger back in February and finish out the regular season playing well, they almost certainly would keep West in the fold for a playoff run. If they fall out of the race, though, or aren't playing like a team that can contend for the title, they would be wise to deal the veteran power forward for young pieces who can be a part of their future. Two positions of need on this Indiana team in the seasons ahead are point guard and power forward, and that's why promising international players Splitter and de Colo would be an ideal package.