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Thread: Pacers/Kings post game thread.

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    Default Re: Pacers/Kings post game thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naptown_Seth View Post
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    I think Roy's offense looks about the same, he's just missing some shots and rushing things which is what he does whenever he gets in these funks. In the Warriors game he started showing touch on the lefty hook and appeared to be recovering his shot confidence.

    Maybe let's not sell the car just because it's a little low on gas. I agree that some issues are frustrating, disappointing or worrisome, but this idea that everything is 100% broken is silly. It only needs to be 10-15% broken in a couple of places for things to go totally to s***, which is what's happened to the offense to start the year.

    But this 5 should be our boys for another 4-5 years and should be capable of that. This whole "it will never be right" and "Danny will never return" talk is just such hyperbole at this point.
    Agree with all of this with one small caveat. My concern with Hibbert is less about his broken shot, and more about his fragile ego. It's always been fragile, and the broken shot so far this year is a symptom of a consistent underlying problem he's had since he was drafted here.

    I think when people start to see the sky falling with Hibbert, it's likely more around that then his putrid offensive production so far this year. If that resolves, then his work ethic, good health, and inherent size advantage will take care of the rest.

    Totally agree however, that we saw a glimpse of "Old Roy" during the GSW game.

    Wonder how that carries through against Noah tonight?
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