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Thread: Spurs to be punished for resting players

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    Default Re: Spurs to be punished for resting players

    I think you should never interfere with a coach's decision on who to play or not to play and what to do with his players.

    You think there's an unsavory reason for benching those guys (throwing a game to win bets)? Investigate the crap out of it. Find a smoking gun.

    But fining a coach for sending players home? Yeah, I want to see the league rule it violates and the line drawn by that rule.

    As far as the fans somehow not getting what they paid for - you know, it's a sport, not a TV series. The purpose of the game is the game, not the entertainment or star moments or highlights on ESPN. This is the time to draw the line and say the whole focus on stars has limits - otherwise you end up with certain players OFFICIALLY being granted more fouls so they don't foul out, or requirements for teams to substitute a bench player if the starter is doing too good a job defending the Superstar, or other patently ridiculous things that seem less ridiculous when you start by telling a coach he MUST play certain players.

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    Or throw in a first-round pick and flip it for a max-level point guard...

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