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Thread: Spurs to be punished for resting players

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    Quote Originally Posted by aamcguy View Post
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    I don't really understand any complaining about an imbalance of rest between teams or an imbalance in home/away games. Because when a team has a more compact schedule in one week, it means they will have another weak that is a very light schedule. When a team has a lot of road games bunched together, it means they have a lot of home games bunched together somewhere else.
    This is true in general but we're talking about this specific match-up here.

    That's a nationally televised game that was supposed to draw a lot of fans because it would be a derby between two contenders. However, the schedule made sure that one of the two teams wouldn't be able to compete.

    Pop had every right to protest the fact that his team was not given an equal opportunity in this game (the fact that this game was nationally televised does matter).

    Also, the game that the Spurs are playing in 2 days is much, much more important than the one they played together.

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