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Thread: Spurs to be punished for resting players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleazar View Post
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    Well then the NFL should go to two games a week and double the amount of games in a season, and there should only be one starting pitcher. :eyeroll: Yeah they are professionals, but it isn't like they are playing a nice relaxing sport like bowling. There is a physical toll taken by these players, and it only gets more difficult as they get older (notice Pop is resting his old guys not his young ones). It isn't like high school or college were you play one game a week, so when you do play multiple games within 2 or 3 days you are more physically able to recover quickly. For the most part these guys are playing almost every other day already. That is why you hear about players "taking a night off". It isn't because they are lazy, but because they just can't play that many games in such a compact schedule.
    Millions of Americans who work labor intensive jobs eight hours a day, five days a week are calling BS on the inability of professional athletes to go play an hour of basketball after playing 2 hours the night before.

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