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    Hill's got a 3:1 assist/turnover. 11th in the league. That really surprised me, for a guy that's not a PG and all. Maybe we bid against ourselves during his RFA period and coulda played more hardball, but I don't really get how you can watch Hill this year and not think 8 mil a year is at least reasonable compensation. It's not worth complaining about at all.

    Griping about Roy's money I get, his deal's looking pretty damn terrible, but complaining about Hill's is just looking for an excuse to grind your axe.

    A stat of 3-1 A/TO doesn't validate a 8 mil contract. I guess 39% FG shooting does. Why don't you comment about the 8 MIL DOLLAR MAN's last 3 outings of 18%, 38%. and 33% FG shooting. 8 Mil dollar people know the game score in the last few seconds of the game, and make better decisions when trying to win the game at the end. Until Hill starts playing like he's earning 8 mil, I'll keep saying he's not worth his contract. That he's OVERPAID!

    Neither is Hibbert worth the MAX he got. They got paid the contracts they wanted now EARN them!! I've pointed out what some other PG's got paid this year, less than Hill, and they are bargains for what they are producing for those teams who gave them the contracts. Even though I feel both Hill and Hibbert got overpaid, they need to produce to justify their contracts. They aren't, and that's the problem.

    I never complained that Granger got overpaid by Bird. Bird negotiated a good contract unlike what Walsh has. Compare Rudy Gay's contract to Granger's contract, I'm a Rudy Gay fan, but his contract is terrible. GAY GOT OVERPAID just like Hibbert and Hill got overpaid.

    Marc Gasol, who I'd take in a heartbeat over Hibbert, got a MAX contract, and he's producing to justify giving it to him. Barkley stated on tv last week he felt Gasol was the 2nd best Center in the NBA. Very valid comment as far as I'm concerned. Hibbert has a way to go to get past Gasol let alone Howard.

    If Hibbert and Hill don't like the comments about them from the fans, then do something about their play. It's just that simple.

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