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Portland did us a favor by offering him that contract.
I realize that I'm quoting one sentence taken out of context from your post. However, there is no way in heck that anyone should allow this statement to go unchallenged... because it is exactly 180 degrees from the truth.

Have you ever sat back and thought about how the summer's signings and trades went? Well, specifically how they could have gone differently?

Well, Portland making their early offer was the first domino that fell in what many on this forum believe to be a catastrophic summer of us not getting the players that we need to become true contenders in the NBA.

This minute Portland made that offer, we were compelled to commit to Hibbert, thus knowing that a significant portion of our cap space was about to disappear. This, and ultimately signing Hill early, eventually put us in a position that we were not able to sign some of the better players that were bought out or "amnestied" later.

In other words, Portland making their offer early forced the Pacers to put a rush on everything they wanted to do last summer.

There is no worse thing that could have happened to the Pacers last summer than another team making a run and Hibbert and/or Hill early.