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Omer Asik is significantly more valuable than George Hill. I do know no team had the cap space to make GH that kind of offer. I do know no team did offer it because we signed an RFA in such a rush, for no apparent reason, instead of waiting for him to get an offer. Do you really think someone out there was waiting around for the end of the RFA time period to throw GH a 10M a year deal? No? Neither do I nor any other reasonable person on Earth does either.
Asik may be more valuable NOW, but prior to this season he was noting but a big physical body that could clog the lane. Meanwhile Hill had shown the ability to be a valuable contributor on playoff teams. We don't know who may have been interested in Hill. But when you compare him to other players making the same amount, he's not grossly overpaid to the point that it's a detriment to the team.