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Thanks god for the Pacers free throw defense ...............
OK, so shooting 53% FT instead of 67% FT accounts for 6 of the 22 fewer points they scored this game. Granting for the sake of argument that those misses can't be attributed to the Pacers defense (it could be argued that good defense forces you to work harder thus making you tired, but we'll accept "no effect" for now), what lucky circumstances explain the other 16 points differential?

What effect on an opponent's offense do you expect from an "average" or "good" defense? What improvement do you expect to an opponent's offense from a "bad" defense? What special effects would you expect from a "great" or even "elite" defense?

You have always seemed to really focus on defense in your player evaluations, so I'm asking you to explain what it is you see that says that a defense that remains #1 in opponent FG%, second in opponent 3pt%, and third in opponent points per game is merely "good"?