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Surprised you haven't pointed out that 3 out of the starting 5 (Hill, George, and Hibbert) are shooting at or below 40%?

Isn't that an issue?
Not as much of an issue compared to the 2nd unit scoring.

I'm not as concerned as much with the scoring from Hill, GH and Hibbert....I think that their scoring and shooting will improve over time as they adjust to life without Granger...for the next 2-3 months...and then will continue to improve when Granger does return.

Believe me, I hate the PG shooting percentage sucks compared to last year....but I know that he also has a far different role than he did last year. I hate the Hibbert has reverted to Bruce Banner compared to the Hulk that he was in the Playoffs last year....but I think that all of these concerns will recede over time.