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    Default Odd Thoughts: Super quick L.A. thoughts....

    Only time for some quick bullet points tonight guys, sorry.

    • Frank is trying to kill me by playing that God awful backup unit together against other teams who still have some starters in the game. He has got to start mixing them as the unit is just not good together.
    • Our backup wings are killing us right now. Young nor Green did anything of merit in this game and both made bonehead plays costing us ground.
    • Lance didn’t really help a lot tonight either however he had a pair of big rebounds in the second half.
    • George Hill is the second most clutch player on our team (Danny is first) and what I love about him is he does not shy away from the big moment at all.
    • To quote Seth here, David West is a B A M F! Big game from him including directing the very last play in which Hill scored. I thought I might have to gouge out my eyes with all of the bad shooting that occurred while he was on the bench. Thank God he played and hit shots.
    • Sadly Roy was very affective in limited (foul ridden min.) thanks to Dwight “flopper” Howard.
    • I used to like Howard now I almost can’t stand to see him play.
    • I can only hope D’Antoni does for L.A. what he did for N.Y. and so far from what I’ve seen he’s well on his way. Some day he & O’Brien will be battling for the Euro championships somewhere in a “king of the Baltic” game or something.
    • Ian Mahinmi actually looked a lot like the Ian from pre-season and Lord knows tonight we needed it and unlike our starting small forward he actually hit the majority of his free throws.
    • Paul George did a very good job on the boards and did as well as you can do vs. Bryant.
    • The Black Mamba is the Black Mamba you’re not going to do anything about that. Dude just has ice water in his veins.
    • Danny’s knee looked great while he was doing the post game chicken dance. Also I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but he’s now traveling with the team and doing some practice and shooting, God please let him return sooner rather than later.
    • Did I mention that Green & Young were atrocious?
    • We only shot 63% from the free throw line and missed several in the 4th, fortunately not as many as the Lakers missed, but we have got to work on that.
    • Tyler was just to small tonight, he had no chance out there at all. He even had one of his rock solid rebounds tipped away by Bryant.
    • I know that it is conventional wisdom that Joey Crawford is a great ref. I’m sorry I just disagree. That blocking foul that we all love so much was actually the wrong call and his gross over exaggeration of the call just goes further to prove that he is all about “look at me” when he refs. a game. Sure he is not afraid to call fouls on stars or hit the home team but often times he’s just as wrong as the rest of them are and frankly the fact that everybody in the free world knows him tells me he doesn’t do his job very well.

    Off for a couple of days with some real practice time. Let’s try and get one of these two weekend games (or better yet get both) and then take our chance with the Bulls.

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