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I told Peck to stop sweating Ian's progress and early season woes. He's been starting to click and find some confidence in his role on the team. Once he gets his dribble protection up on his drives he'll be great.Green looks good to me, just in a shooting slump. He cleared into nice mid range open space with ease off dribbles and just missed the shots.

Young made a couple of aggression errors on defense, and he's getting shy on offense due to misses, but otherwise he was very helpful on defense all night and badly needed due to fouls.

Roy was....a non factor. Half his points at least we created by Paul and David.

West's defensive effort was outstanding all night, and the dude just missed going trip dub and not a cheap one either. B A M F all night, dude loves contact before the shot.

Hill hasn't had the 3 going, but he was able to drive to the lane with ease, something Lance has been struggling to do.

Paul had a tough task and continues to be in and out of rhythm, but not that bad.

Lance needs to keep the 3pt shot because he's becoming less helpful on offense.

Tyler was painful to watch most of the night. Yes, a couple of hustle down rebounds but totally intimidated at the rim due to hops/height.

Did DJ play? Sheesh, I can't get over what a non-factor he continues to be.
Man I hope so because he was making us look really bad with all of our pre-season hype of him. But tonights game was a very happy surprise for us.