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Thread: Brooklyn Trade

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    Default Brooklyn Trade

    West/Green for Humphries/Brooks. I love West, but if he doesn't fit the long term plans there won't be a better time to move him. Plus Green was a huge fan favorite in Jersey. We get a younger more athletic 4 that can rebound and a sharp shooter without gutting the core.

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    Default Re: Brooklyn Trade

    I don't know if they'd do it, but I'd like to see this.

    Pacers get:
    Reggie Jackson

    Nets gets:
    Pacers 1st

    OKC gets:
    First time in a long time, I've been happy with the team that was constructed, and now they struggle. I blame the coach.

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    Default Re: Brooklyn Trade

    Pacers send West, Green, and Plumlee, and OJ plus 1st round Pick for Joe Johnson and Humphries

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