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Thread: Why The Pacers Missed on Mayo and How They Can Fix It.

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    Default Re: Why The Pacers Missed on Mayo and How They Can Fix It.

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    The fact that we missed out on bargain amnesty players in Scola and Brand as well as not being able to take advantage of the low ball market for Mayo and Kaman is the fault of our front office. It was simply poor time management in how the signed Hibbert and Hill and that is the job or Walsh and Pritchard. I will not believe that a conversation with Hibbert and Hill to explain to them that they'd get their money no matter what but could return to a more talented team if they waited a few more weeks wouldn't have worked.
    Yes, it was a matter of poor timing that the Pacers missed out on Scola or Brand....but was it even known that Scola and Brand were going to hit the Amnesty market during the time that the Pacers were pursuing Free Agents?

    In other words....was it known that Scola and Brand were going to become available via Amnesty but the Pacers still pursued Mahinmi, DJ and Green?
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