Frank lost control of the game, I wish you could see that. I know a coach can't control a players wide open miss. But, His subs was terrible and he done nothing to change the pace of the game between all his early timeouts. Which, would have been awful if Pacers had a chance at the end and needed that last crucial timeout and wouldn't have had one. Why pull Lance and Hans out when they was balling is beyond me. Hans was showing the aggression and grabbing rebounds like a kid grabbing candy in a candy store. Lance was straight up balling and Spurs had no answer for him and it took the refs to slow him down and then Frank to put the chains on the beast. Ian was playing aggressively and doing quite well but to leave Hibbert on the bench so long is just ridiculous. He needs more time to get going and by the time he comes in the ball is always force to him, This is unacceptable, Hibbert should always be in at the 8:30 mark unless he is in foul trouble.