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Thread: Someone should be writing a book.

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    Default Someone should be writing a book.

    Saw today that Steven King wrote a book (like a fan diary) on the Red Sox during last year's season - talk about timing.

    That story pales compared to the story of the Pacers this year. Someone should be following the team every day, in the locker room even.

    Here's some titles to consider:

    Season on the Brink 2

    Last Men Standing

    Hunting Season

    They Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

    Zeroes to Heros
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    Default Re: Someone should be writing a book.

    If someone were to do this season what Reggie did during the '94-'95 season, it'd likely be an amazing read. Especially if it were Reggie again.

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    Default Re: Someone should be writing a book.

    I would buy and read that book in a second...that is saying ALOT considering I don't read books...EVER!

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