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    Default Start Lance At The Point....Please...

    This will help the offense. This team is too slow, and Lance is best on the team at pushing the ball. The problem is that he doesn't seem to know whether he should push it or slow it down and look at Frank. Frank needs to take the leash off this team and them run. I know West and Roy are slow but everyone else can run, and Hibbert does a decent job at getting up the court for a big man. Everyone on the bench can run and this will help DJ's game because right now he looks lost, like the rest of the team does most of the time.

    I know they aren't the best passing team and often don't convert when have they numbers in transition but this will help the team and it will give Lance more confidence. He's already showing confidence. Move Hill to the 2, Paul to the 3. When Granger comes back, move Hill to the bench. We'll have a big starting lineup on defense and lance moves his feet well enough on defense to stay with most PG's and he'll have PG and Hibbert to help him out. His weakness seems to be getting through screens so I don't think he'll have to chase as many PG's through screens like he does SG's, unless he's playing against a scoring one. Seriously, Lance is the only guy on the team who can make a decent post pass, lol.

    I'm not a die hard Lance supporter or anything, just a long time fan who is tired of seeing this team barely be able to score 90 points and give up 20 point leads to the Wizards. If West doesn't go into Beast mode, we may have given them their first win of the season. I honestly feel this way. Agree or disagree?

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