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    Default Pacers retooling method

    Pacers get: Hedo, Jefferson,Fournier, a 10m TPE, 1st rd pick 2013 from GS(either theirs or Utah's) 2014 1st rd pick from Denver (via NYKs) and 2017 first from ORL (via LAL)

    GS: Granger, AL, 9m TPE

    ORL get: Biedrins and cap relief and 2015 2nd rd pick from GS

    DEN: David West

    basically take on bad contracts for picks. When Hedo and Jefferson are expiring next summer we do the same thing and repeat this process. Try to trade both of them for bad contracts and picks. We also have a 10TPE to do the exact same thing. In a small market like Indy we are never going to lure free agents who are big time FAs so we should just use the money that we would use on FA to gather assets. I have been advocating this since it became apparent our best case scenario would be the Hawks not higher. I would of traded Granger Hibbert and Dunleavy for similar packages a few years ago. Obviously Hibbert and Granger would of netted us a lot more then and would of been smart to start that process then and not now. We obviously aren't going to do this but if I was the GM it was a method I would strongly be for to rebuild a small market team via the draft.

    EDIT: and obviously in this scenario Danny has a clean bill of health.
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