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Thread: This team needs to be blown up (OLD thread!! 2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
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    you are the Great Carnac of NBA prognostication. when's the last time you were wrong? or is it always "well...I said so...once upon a time..because I said I said so...."

    I've spent a ton of time on message boards, you're the single most negative "fan" I've ever seen, bay far
    I don't know why are you going all crazy on me? forgot to eat your cereal or something? back off, I'm trying to have a good discussion here.

    And yes I've been saying that Danny is like Rashard Lewis forever but for some reason people tought I was trashing him, so get your facts straight before you reply.

    Edit: if you want to be proven wrong go ahead and ask majorcold I had many arguments with him regarding this.
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