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    Default What is wrong? I'll tell you what is wrong

    For one, I'm a diehard pacer fan. With that said, I think the two main problems is George Hill and Roy Hibbert. For one, I was NEVER impressed with George Hill as a point guard last year. Hes a wonderful combo guard but not a legit starting point guard. The main problem now is, we over paid for him, and now we are stuck with him.

    Next is Roy Hibbert, he is 7'2 and he can't dominated. I want to see him get the ball deep and just simply dunk over his man. He never does this, he is too weak. Is Hibbert a bad player? No hes just overpaid for what little he does. He looks good against bad players, but when he goes up against a duncan, chandler, or noah he cant do anything. He is too soft and is too easily pushed off.

    They should have let George Hill walk, he wanted too much money. They couldnt do that because they wasted a 1st round pick on him, so they overpay for a combo guard. Was Collison the answer? Probably not but hes a better point guard.

    I think their only chance right now is let DJA start, and move hill to 2, and PG to the 3, until granger is back. Turn up the tempo a bit and get some fast breaks going between dja, hill, and george. Then in the half court sets, feed the ball to west/hibbert and when they double team find the freaking open guy.

    Once granger is back, they are better off starting DJA instead of hill, HE IS NOT A LEGIT POINT GUARD. I have yet to witness him run the fast break and get an assist. Hell I'd rather witness lance starting than Hill

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