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Thread: Eric Berry Afraid of Horses

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    Default Eric Berry Afraid of Horses

    Sorry, I had to share this:

    Perhaps it's a good thing that the Kansas City Chiefs aren't scoring too many touchdowns this year. It's a long-standing tradition, you see, for team mascot Warpaint (an actual horse) to run around the field whenever the Chiefs actually push the ball over the goal line. That's nice in theory, but Chiefs safety Eric Berry does not agree with the entire horse concept. Turns out that the third-year star has quite the case of equinophobia, which puts him in the wrong NFL city in that sense.

    "Oh, hell nah -- there goes that horse!" Berry was seen to exclaim from the sideline during the Chiefs' recent home loss to the Oakland Raiders. "I don't [expletive] with that horse.

    "I don't mess with horses, straight up," Berry continued. "Might come over here and throw a tantrum."

    Berry could be seen walking away from a defensive huddle at the mere sight of the seemingly gentle animal.

    Warpaint was "retired" in 1989, though the Chiefs brought him back (another version of him, we're assuming) for the team's 50th anniversary celebration in 2009. The Chiefs selected Berry with the fifth overall pick just a year later, which means that someone in the front office forgot to do their Advance Equinophobia Scouting Report.

    Unfortunately for Berry, Warpaint is now back to stay. From the Chiefs' official website:

    Due to an overwhelming response, Warpaint now participates in every home game! Whether at the Fan Zone during pregame, during the team introduction right before kickoff, or while galloping across the field every time the Chiefs score, Warpaint is excited to be back at the new Arrowhead Stadium.

    Warpaint is always ridden by Chiefs Cheerleader Susie, whose love for horses goes way back to her childhood. Susie began riding at age three and has won numerous World Titles. She is honored to have this opportunity.

    Warpaint and Susie are also available for personal/equine appearances. We're assuming Berry won't be booking one of those.

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