The one thing we took away from the disappointing loss to the Craptors on this night was that the Pacemates were still hot, and we still liked watching THEM perform....Keep it up, ladies! For the ladies who aren't getting in very many frames, and to the ladies who are, it is all about positioning when you are dancing...A lot of frames end up with people or objects in the way. I try to post photos with clean backgrounds as much as possible, but from my spot in Section 225, Row 1, I am at the mercy of wherever you all are at during the routines! When you are performing facing away from my side of the arena, I don't shoot many shots because most of what I get would be your backs....Not that I'm complaining....I just don't think you want me to shoot those shots, let alone post them....I try to shoot evenly and capture plenty of group shots and individual shots. Bear with me, I will eventually get decent shots of each and every one of you wonderfully talented dancers!

Hope you all like them, fans and Pacemates alike! As always, please let me know if there are issues. I will work to guarantee your comfort level and happiness with the shots I shoot and post!