Terrance Jones
Kevin Martin
Greg Smith

David West

Lance Stephenson
Pacers 1st
Sam Young/Pendergraph

Pacers need a guy that can score. Kevin Martin is that guy. Terrance Jones is the PF of the future, plus he can shoot the outside shot which might help free space for Hibbert. Greg Smith is a prospect and played with PG.

OKC could slide Ibaka to C and West at PF. Perkins has struggled at C.

Houston has a glut at PF and Terrance hasn't even suited up this season. They really don't have a backup sg, so Lance could fit that nicely and since the Pacers got KMart, Lance was expendable. Houston can save that 1st for a future trade/draft pick.

I'm not saying this has any chance of happening, but I think it is pretty plausible. Even checks out on the trade machine.