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    Default Odd Thoughts: Fear the Deer

    Who knew I would be able to watch two episodes of American Horror Story on Wednesday night.

    Look there is almost no reason to even review this game because honestly there is just nothing to take away from this. We are bad, in fact we are putrid, but we aren’t really this bad.

    Right now talent be damned this is almost all mental. I mean for players who are actually dependable solid basketball players (David West) are missing wide open bread and butter shots for him while other players who may not be as mentally stable (Roy Hibbert) are missing equally easy shots for him.

    A lot of their shots seemed rushed but beyond that after watching over the past few games I think we need to get them to maybe focus on just some fundamentally sound basketball shots and stop with the running one handed hook shots or one handed runners that both of them are just not getting to drop.

    Maybe just focus on a straight up face up jumper from a couple of feet for a short time to see if that works.

    Also with Roy I am now thinking we need to change up with him and stop trying to force him into scoring. I know it goes against everything any of us believe in because we want that low post thing working for us but maybe it’s time to pull Roy out of the deep post for a few possessions and let him work the exterior for awhile. I think right now Roy needs less pressure and every bunny he misses seems to send him deeper and deeper into a shame spiral.

    I think we need to tell him to dominate on the glass and become that interior defensive force that he was last year and let the scoring come as it will.

    Contract be damned at this point. If that is what it takes to get him back to at least being a serviceable center again then that is what I want.

    Also is it my imagination or does Roy look like he has gained weight? Not saying he’s out of shape by any means but when I think about what he looked like last season he seems to be much thicker. Could just be me, I don’t know.

    Also I always give a shout out to Scott Skiles whenever we play a team he is coaching. Even if he doesn’t have the players to play defense he somehow always manages to have a good defensive team.

    I know we don’t need to talk about Danny Granger every game but I found this post game quote by David West telling.

    “He’s the centerpiece to this offense. To kind of lose him right now where we are we thought that we could just fill in without him. It is taking us a while to adjust to him not being here but that’s not a reason to not go out and compete. We need to be able to make things happen for us.”

    BTW, I agree with David there is no excuse for not competing but it does go one step further to state how important Granger is to our club. Sorry I keep bringing that stuff up but for the past 3 years we have been inundated with people telling us how poor Danny is or over the past couple of years how we should just move him so Paul George can move to his natural position so yes I’m making sure some of this gets brought to the for front.

    Tyler has played well enough on defense this year that he deserves to have one of these garbage time big point games and nobody should hound him for it. I know the thought is that when the game no longer matters he is at his best but he has given us solid effort almost all of the time this year so he has earned a good offensive game.

    George Hill got caught up in hero ball tonight, I can sympathize with him because nobody else could hit, but more often than not hero ball ends up with the results that we ended up with from him tonight. He’s played good ball almost all season so I’ll forgive him this game.

    Now before I hit the bullet points I want to talk a min. about Donnie Walsh and what some of you newer posters need to understand about him.

    If Donnie is in charge, which to be honest I am not sure how the front office is structured right now because I read one report saying Walsh was only here this year. But if he is in charge let me give you a cold shot of reality.

    Donnie does nothing under pressure. In other words if you think he has to make a trade or fire a coach or make some move for the sake of making a move then you are in for a long protracted winter of discontent.

    As long as Danny’s injury is out there they have a built in excuse to tell everyone to be patient. Now if they think Danny’s injury is worse than what they are letting on then they might be making a move (in fact if they make a significant move I am going to be really worried for Danny’s career).

    But I’ve lived through this before and I can tell you Donnie is nothing if not patient. His sycophant Montieth will be more than happy to tell you that he doesn’t make trades for the sake of trade and he does not make knee jerk reactions. Now understand that everyone else in the free world might consider a trade the right move but in Donnie’s world it is knee jerk 9 out of 10 times.

    Believe me when I saw he was coming back it was like groundhogs day for me, one nightmare just lived over and over.

    Let’s hit the bullet points.

    • Lance needs to shoot the ball more. In fact seeing as how he has the highest field goal % of any of our wings I would suggest we start looking to let him get his shot more often if we can.
    • The 3 combined free throw attempts by our starting forward tandem is pretty disgusting.
    • Gerald Green quietly put together a decent offensive game. He was burned on defense several times but when we are struggling so bad on the offensive end anyone hitting a shot should be cheered at this point.
    • A good point made by the broadcast team tonight is that while the defense has been solid they are not creating turnovers like they did last season that led to the transition points we were getting.
    • Paul George’s trade value will never be higher.
    • Monta Ellis was finally able to get a win vs. the Pacers of course it took Danny not being there for him to finally do it but who’s counting.
    • Mahinmi getting 7 min. in this blow out? I’m starting to wonder if Frank isn’t bucking at losing Lou. Remember last season he wouldn’t play Fez over Lou either so I think Frank really liked what Lou brought to the team.
    • As another poster brilliantly stated I wonder if Agustin won’t be in the D league next year. Dude is just horrid.
    • Sam Young had a decent game, he didn’t have to pass much so it worked out for him this time.

    Look guys I’m as down as all of you are but even I will tell you to shake this one off. We are bad but we aren’t this bad. It’s just a combination of two bad games in a row making this look really bad. Every team has blow outs and this one was just ours.

    I don’t know that they can right the ship to where we want to go but I think in the next week or two they should be playing at a higher level than this.

    However to the eternal optimist out there I want to state one reason why some of us are so concerned. This was game 9 for the year & I have yet to see one good game from our team. We’ve had a couple of good quarters but not yet one good game. In fact we’ve had very few good quarters for that matter.

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