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Listen Hill is slowly developing into probably the Pacers second, maybe greatest point guard ever. Seriously. He's the only player playing well right now. The last thing we need to do is moving him to the "2" so our garbage backup point guard DJ can get more minutes.

The reason DJ isn't playing well is he NEVER played well. He isn't very good. I think once someone comes in and fixes this cluster***** of a team you'll see DJ play better off the bench once he gets acclimated to the role.

Hill isn't a "traditional" point, but then again neither is every point guard outside of Deron, CP3, Nash, Rondo and that's about it. There's a few borderline guys like Mike Conley, but for the most part every point in the league is a shoot-first type point guard.

I'm no fan of Hill's contract, but it isn't crippling and he could be a point guard for a championship level team. The problem with this team right now is EVERYONE ELSE. There is the problem. So, let's start a fire sale.

Edit - anyone upset about the fact that the Pacers could of had Harden? IMagine Harden/Hill back court? man that'd be badass.

Had we used Paul George as the main asset the Pacers could of landed Harden possibly. But people like me thought George was going to be a star. (har)

Edit 2 - Real quick compare Hill's numbers against Mike Conley. I like Conley because he's essentially the perfect point. He's not a superstar taking up all your cap space, but he's a great defender, and then a willing and able passer thought not near the talents of guys like Rondo. He's also blossomed into a real good shooter which means he's a threat from nearly every aspect on the court. Just a real solid player.

Well, Hill is creeping on Conley's abilities. Hill is averaging more points at 15.5 (vs 14.8) but less assists at 5.5. (vs 6.8) I'll like Hill's numbers and I like how he's running the offense. The nice thing is, while Conley has come out playing his best basketball that probably won't be sustainable, Hill is still a little rusty and is not shooting at the level we know he can.

We'll most likely see Hill's numbers continue to trend upwards. Hill at the end of the season might make the case to being a top 10 point guard, and in a league of superstar point guards, that is saying something.
Harden signed for $80 million dollars. The Pacers would never pay anyone that and that is one of the reasons they do not have and will not get a superstar....