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Thread: Kneejerk reaction thread 2012-13

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    Default Kneejerk reaction thread 2012-13

    I'm going to riot if Lance Stephenson isn't chosen for the all-star team this year

    Clearly last year was a fluke and Gerald Green will be looking to join the D-league once we can sign a free agent to replace him

    We can clearly tell Paul George is the player he's going to be from here out. He's already 22 years old and there's no chance he's going to get any better throughtout his career. Hopefully we trade him at the end of the season for draft picks

    Vogel can't run an offense. We need to start a petetion addressed to the Dallas Mavericks to let Jim O'Brien take over as head coach in Indiana ASAP

    Roy Hibbert's contract is the worst in Pacers history. There's no chance he's going to get better this season offsensively. It's clear he will continue to shoot 34% the remainder of the season. No surprise after he's clearly done nothing but eat cheetos and watch Gangham Style this summer. We'd better trade him for second round picks.

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