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No, the difference between this team and the O'Brien era team, including the team Vogel got to the playoffs and then fell apart in the fourth quarter of every game against the Bulls is West

The difference is West and Hill, either way I don't think the Pacers beat that team.

Maybe he doesn't make us a top-four contender (hard to blame him, this team was supposed to have Granger). But I think you're undervaluing what David actually does for this team and will continue to do for a couple more seasons

I'm actually valuing him pretty high by suggesting that we can get the packages that I'm suggesting and I'm sorry I don't believe he can play at a high level for couple of more seasons.

Yes, we won't really be a title contender until David is our second option, and Danny (or Roy) is our third option. That's certainly true. But if you give up David, you've really got to get both a first and second option in return. That's a tall order for a team that will be near/ over the cap

Well that's the point get a player with potential and probably a draft pick instead of nothing, who's to say that West is not going to pull a Peja?

I guess the difference is, right now I see them trying to maximize the team based on what they have or can reasonably get. You'd like to set fire to them so see if something else might be better in a few years. Given this franchise's financial struggles, its hard to blame them for having some patience with the roster they've been investing in. It isn't the fault of any of our active players that Danny is out.
Because of this team financial struggles is what I think that is better to move West, I'll be really stupid to let him go for nothing or worse give him a long term contract so he can become another one of the bad contracts the Pacers signed recently.