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. . . BTW....if there is any Player that would likely be traded before the February 2012-2013 Trade deadline....my $$$ is on the older Hansbrough.....not West. Also...IMHO...I think that Granger will likely be moved in the 2013-2014 offseason.
I doubt that Tyler will be traded. Possibly not resigned, but not traded. If he is not resigned, a guy like Ian or Gerald will be signed to replace him. There are lots of guys that fit into the decent backup big slot. Or possibly Miles will be slotted into the backup big spot.

I hope Danny is not traded. the current edition of the Pacers shows Danny's value is more than most of us realize. I cannot believe TPTB are that stupid. The only exception to that is if they can trade 2 for 1 where the guy coming back is a star player.