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Thread: There was an explosion in a SouthSide Neighborhood last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by vapacersfan View Post
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    This is kind of a stupid question, but I know nothing about this type of stuff.

    We just bought our first home, and we had to get insurance.
    Good for you! Welcome to the American dream.

    I am assuming that is what this people were trying to scam. How does that work? Do insurance companies really just pay people off if the house burns down? Do they do intensive investigations?
    Yes to all questions. Not sure how intensive the investigations are though. Odd occurrences will set off red flags but if your TV antenna got hit by lightning and the TV caught fire and the house burned the investigation will normally be fairly cut and dried. It's expensive for insurance companies to do investigations so depending on the payout size and circumstances, and findings of local law enforcement, there might not be much more of an investigation other than rubber stamping local law enforcement's findings. Then again, if you have an inordinate amount of coverage for personal property inside the home then you're into red flag territory to see the investigation ramped up. The more odd the circumstances and the more payout involved the more likely the investigation to be more intensive.

    Do people pull scams like this a lot, and do they work?
    I'd say as to whether it happens a lot, yes, but that is a relative term. Do they work? I'm sure to some degree they do but it's hard to answer that question properly because when they do work how will we know? We'll have our suspicions and maybe a friend of a friend will say something and tip us off.

    and how the hell do you board the family pet and not expect that to set off red flags?
    These people were pretty stupid and people died and have their lives turned upside down due to their stupidity.
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