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You definitely have the bolded part correct.
I certainly might do that but it doesn't mean that I will not be correct in the end. We are talking three or four years here. Look at the Pacers. You were one of the group who thought they were going to win 60+ games and get to the ECF. I didn't believe that. I didn't think they improved enough during the season to even stay where they were. I predicted 48-34 and the fifth or sixth seed in the east unless they had a major injury and then they might have to scrap just to get the eighth seed..... The Colts are overperforming right now. That will end soon enough and reality will eventually set in.... They are too thin on talent and they have too many injuries to keep up the present pace in my opinion. A major injury might mean that they do not win any more games this year. I expect them to come out slowly next year as teams adapt to defensing what they do. It would seem to me that the start of this could be the meeting with the evil genius this week. I'm willing to bet that he won't let Reggie Wayne beat him. Someone else might but Reggie Wayne will be stopped or nearly stopped....