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That stadium is the house that Peyton built. Without Peyton Manning, they would be the LA Colts by now.... Somewhere down the line within ten years, Luck will suffer an injury and Irsay will drop him just like he did Peyton and sell out the entire team and start rebuilding again..... If I were Luck, I would not sign a new contract with the Colts and I would move on to a team that has more respect for its superstars..... but, if I had been Luck, I would have refused to be drafted by Indy and I would not have signed ala John Elway and Eli Manning....
If if if if if if if if. Facts are facts, and the facts show that Jim Irsay has drastically enhanced the Colts value and success since taking over in 1997. Peyton wasn't the one negotiating the stadium deal with the city, was he?