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Thread: Colts/Pats --- here we go again

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    Default Colts/Pats --- here we go again

    This could get interesting. NE is one of the best teams we'll face this year, but they aren't without their warts. Your first inclination is to assume that Indy will get fairly handled, especially since it's in NE. BUT.... there's some things lining up here.

    First, guess who has a better record as of right now? NE? You'd be wrong!

    1) Indy's D isn't great, but it's balanced. It's middle-of-the-pack. We stop the run and the pass almost equally.
    2) NE has a defensive imbalance. They play the run well while not playing the pass well at all.
    3) Indy's offense is pass-happy, and not entirely effective running the ball. What this means is... NE's weakness, just happens to be one our strengths. NE's strength on D just so happens to be a part of our offense we don't necessarily have to rely on, as proven this year by Mr. Luck.
    4) NE's offense is much more balanced and strong.

    So NE's very good balanced offense is going up against our medium-to-good defense. NE likely won't tromp all over Indy, but I expect they'll still get close to their normal output.
    Indy's offense, however, could really have a field day against their pass defense.

    Indy also has a week and a half to recover and gameplan; its almost like having a bye week. We play a little worse when on the road, however.

    The head says that NE will probly win this. But the heart says, Indy could really do something here. I'm goin with both. This will be one of our toughest games to date. If this was played in Indy, I might even go so far as to say Indy had the overall advantage. But it's in NE... it's gonna be ugly there.

    Luck could really put on a show, tho.
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