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Thread: WP Insider - NFL looking into official’s conduct as part of probe of DeAngelo Hall incident

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    Default WP Insider - NFL looking into official’s conduct as part of probe of DeAngelo Hall incident

    First off, I realize this is a Colts forum so please no one remind me of that obvious fact.

    Perhaps I am reading to much into this (and I probably am) but I really hope that nothing is going on with the refs. The NFL is the best sports league in the country (at least the biggest and IMO the best) and the last thing they need is a huge ref scandal. Granted they could admit the ref did no wrong, but the fact they are even investigating this is pretty damning IMO.

    After the Tim D. scandal in the NBA, I am always leery when you hear people talk about the "integrity of the game". To be fair, like I said, this could just be a case of the ref getting into a shouting match with the player and nothing else, and I genuinely hope that is the case. I know refs make big money (and I was once told in a law class it is to prevent gambling and payoffs from mobsters) but sometimes I wonder how much of a problem it is and how little we know.

    By Mark Maske

    The NFL is investigating DeAngelo Hall’s allegation of misconduct by an official as part of its probe of last weekend’s verbal confrontation that led to the cornerback’s ejection from the Washington Redskins’ loss at Pittsburgh, according to a person with knowledge of the case.

    That aspect of the league’s review appears to be part of the reason that the league has not yet announced a fine of Hall. The person familiar with the case, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, said that such a thorough review “takes time.”

    Hall remains eligible to play in the Redskins’ game Sunday against the Carolina Panthers at FedEx Field.

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