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    Lance to me I always viewed as the most talented offensive player for his position until we signed West(west with his footwork and ball handling in his prime is elite for a PF offensively). I said a few days after the draft he could be better than George offensively.The reason being was his frame combined with his ablity to keep his dribble alive(critical skill to be an elite scorer IMO). That is why guys like Manu and Harden are impossible to stop they always keep there dribble. The shooting didn't really bother me I am in the camp of you can fix shooting(if they work hard and break it all down and start from scratch. Guys like Rondo played from day 1 and didnt have the chance like Lance to work on that skill all day). I loved how cocky in played in college and not many have that cocky style. It will hurt him at times but watching him at Cinncy I got the feel he loved the game of basketball and that is something that is a must. Buckner says he is a gym rat and that doesn't surprise me watching him at the pro am you can tell the kid really loves what he does. I also though when we drafted him he would be a great post player one day he has the skills if he spends a summer developing them.

    However I hated his decision making and he is actually fixing that. I figured he could be like a Jordan Crawford like scorer but hurt his team some nights. But if he keeps up his imprisonments I will be really wrong on that.

    I also hated his defense even when he trys he is limited just because he is so big. He moves poor laterally so he has limitations and will always have them. Harden has this same problem. But when you can score like Harden can you will live with it. I felt the same with Lance he will always be average on defense overall but I will live with it especially considering how much he tries. Now when he takes plays off that is when I get mad.

    I just find it funny Lance has respect from the refs now that he didnt as a rookie. The play he made the other night as a rookie the refs would of called carry on. But thats part of the NBA as you play you get more respect Phil Jackson atest to that in his book. As he gets more PT this season I expect the TOs to slowy go down game XP is valuable and cant me duplicated in practice so be patient he should still struggle a lot.

    My favorite thing about Lance watching him at Lincoln and at Cincy was that kid wants to take the last shot. Now a days that is getting harder to find. He has a mentality that with his tool set could make him a dominate 6th man for years to come.(if I was a coach that would be my role for him I just like that fit for my team best. he is a OW and off the bench that is so nice to have)

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