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I agree that this was Lance's best game as a pro. It's not about the scoring but several little things. I think at this point he's a pretty good backup with some upside.

BTW, I am pretty surprised he's improved this much. I was not sure he had a position in the NBA. At this point, I would say he could play 3 positions as a backup, but probably not the guy you want starting. That too could change though.
I agree. Some of his pass fakes and subtle dribble moves to free up entry passes or rotate defenses are real impressive.

re Lance playing 3 postitions... I think his best position defensively might be SF. He's not gonna get pushed around by most SFs, and it would somewhat negate his main weakness defensively, getting around screens.

He did okay defensively last night, but he never should have been guarding Walker or Gordon when Paul was in the game. He should have been on Henderson IMO. He's a much better match up for Lance.