im in the camp where i am thrilled to see GH3 re-sign with the Pacers.

observing one game i believe Indiana has to find a "true point gaurd." starting at pg Hill will take a beating (moreso than @ sg). can Hill sustain it for 82 games.

when Granger gets back it should take alot of defensive attn off of Hill.

This is not a George Hill trade thread because he is too versatile and valuable as a leader on this team.

Is there a Rondo type player in college or just a pure point gaurd anywhere in the league. If Hill were to miss anytime is Augustine a capable starter.

any points gaurds in the nba that would be a good fit for our young team. not advocating a trade thread just interested in knowing of any ideal fit.

concerned with Hill holding up at the pg position for 82 games + playoffs?