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Thread: Wonder if Jim Mora thinks we'll make the playoffs?

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    Default Wonder if Jim Mora thinks we'll make the playoffs?

    I thought I'd just start this thread to discuss our playoff hopes.

    Here's the remaining schedule:

    9 Sun, Nov 4
    1:00 PM CBS 305 Tickets Available
    10 Thu, Nov 8
    8:20 PM NFL 1,345 Tickets Available
    11 Sun, Nov 18
    1:00 PM CBS 968 Tickets Available
    12 Sun, Nov 25
    1:00 PM CBS 2,005 Tickets Available
    13 Sun, Dec 2
    1:00 PM CBS 6,255 Tickets Available
    14 Sun, Dec 9
    1:00 PM CBS 2,487 Tickets Available
    15 Sun, Dec 16
    1:00 PM CBS 3,215 Tickets Available
    16 Sun, Dec 23
    1:00 PM CBS 7,478 Tickets Available
    17 Sun, Dec 30
    1:00 PM CBS 2,982 Tickets Available

    I feel like Houston will put us down for 2 losses. I also think @NE is a likely loss. That leaves 6 games undecided:

    Miami --- it's at home. Tannehill is dinged up. We're missing 2 guys. Logic says we squeak this one out. Moore can make things work if Tannehill doesn't play, and Miami's D is good. But I still feel like we should take this one, even if it's close.
    @Jax --- Indy didn't forget that last second loss, and should have a bit of a mean streak in them for this one.
    Buffalo --- they're a bit of a mess, especially defensively. I feel like this one should be a win. Not entirely sure how they have 3 wins.
    @Detroit --- Man, I dunno 'bout this one. If Stafford and Megatron decide to show up, and Suh makes permanent residence hanging around Luck's neck, we could lose this one.
    Titans --- This could be another loss. Titans remember that last second loss and play at a very high level. Orrrrrr..... the Colts just know how to beat them and pull out another one. Could go either way.
    @KC --- KC doesn't put a lot of fear in me, at least at this point in the season. Colts win.

    So that puts us at 3 more wins, 3 more losses, and 3 "could go either way"s. If we split the undecideds and round down, we're lookin at 8-8, and a slim/moderate chance at getting in. If we split the undecideds and round up, we're 9-7 and in a decent chance for a wildcard.

    Our likely competition down the stretch is Miami, Pitt, and SD. Pitt seems to have a favorable schedule, whereas the other 3 have similar, slightly-tougher schedules. SD is sliding hard, and while Miami has been a nice surprise, I'm not entirely sold yet. I see Pitt being the likely 5th, as I don't see them overtaking Balt for the North title. I'm not sure what SD is doing, so they are probly the weakest of the teams fighting for that last spot, unless they turn it around... which they are capable of doing. But as of right now, that really leaves slot 6 up for Indy and Miami.

    Sunday's game is probly the most massively important game of the year, IF Indy has real aspirations for a playoff berth.

    This is a win-win situation for Indy, though. We could win a lot, get some good playoff experience. If we go on a bit of a slide, we'll see a better draft pick. You can't really lose either way. If you try to win, but lose, well, you gained experience, and you'll add a nice piece in the off-season. If you try to win, and win --- great experience.

    I'd rather go with the playoff experience, I suppose. BUT... that can also put a lot of pressure on future incarnations of this team. If you make the playoffs this year, the pressure and expectations in subsequent years, imo, is greater, and really this year all I was looking for was some foundation building, growth and experience for our rookies to build upon. Making the playoffs would just be icing on a cake.
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