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    Sorta qualifies, in the same way that Jerryd Bayless was a Pacer, but Kawhi Leonard had 19/7 and 5 steals. I like Hill, but we lost that deal in a fairly big way. Bird had to have him though, and that's a major fault in a GM. Pritchard's had his pet projects as well but not to that degree.

    Especially with Danny's knee, easy and cheap replacement. Oh well, past is the past.
    1. Leonard wouldn't be as good here as be is with the Spurs. Diff coaching, less minutes to be had at his position, and he wouldn't be playing on the same court as Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili
    2. So you'd rather have an out of place DC, no backup Pg, nd Leonard barely playing last yr as opposed to a clutch and steady G.Hill?

    I feel that both teams got what they needed. It's easy to look good when you're playing with other star players taking up the defensive attention. But all that aside, the Pacers have played at their highest level in yrs with Hill being a part of this team. We needed some veteran leadership last yr, not another rookie SF
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