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There's only so much you can learn by sporting a hat on the sideline while not taking a single snap in practice. OK, maybe you can "learn" some cool stuff that only people on the inside are privy to, but you aren't going to actually improve your own skills that way. There's a reason that Manning wants every snap in practice - it's what makes you better.

Was Manning better off playing for the Colts as a cold rookie and getting actual in game experience, or would he have been better off being Marino's backup and not doing anything in practice? Manning would answer that question by saying that playing from the get-go helped make him a better QB. He's said this before. He is an advocate of young QBs playing immediately.

There's no evidence to show that playing under Manning has resulted in the improvement of a player's skills. How come Sorgi never again took a snap after leaving Indy? He wasn't even 30 years old when he left.
Injuries is the reason. Note how well watching and being around Favre helped Aaron Rogers..... You dump these young QBs into action with no offensive line and no running game and the outcome is inevitable and it will be in Indy too.....