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Thread: Ian Thomsen NBA Season preview ( and me ranting )

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    Default Ian Thomsen NBA Season preview ( and me ranting )

    I'm not going to paste this 2 page preview, because there is absolutely no mention of the Indiana Pacers. Unless i'm not reading correctly. 2 pages and Indiana doesnt even register a small blurb. We couldnt even get a " Miles Plumlee LULZ " in there.

    Does this bother anyone else? Ian Thomsen is one of SI's main NBA writers, if not THE main writer. It's honestly beyond disrespect. It's basically not doing your job. You write a preview and dont mention one of the best teams in the East?

    And between this and Israel Guiteriez covering the Eastern Conference for ESPN now, you can really start to understand why Indiana gets no respect at all. Israel Guteriez is a major Pacer hater. I'm probably going to post links and quotes in this thread later to back this up. I've had ESPN insider and it's really appalling how he goes out of his way to blow Indiana off in a lot of recent articles dating back to last year. It's also brain numbingly glaring how much he has no clue about the Pacers. He was on sports reporters last year, literally having no clue about how good Indiana was. You could tell that he had probably never seen a Pacer game outside of Pacers vs Heat, because...wait for it...he covers the Heat. Which is why he covers the Eastern Conference now. Guess who covers the Western Conference this year....J.A Andande. Guess which team he cover. LAKEEEE SHOW! Do you see a trend here guys? Can you guess which teams ESPN would love to build up for a NBA finals matchup?

    This is sports media folks. It's a rigged game. There's no money covering really awesome small market teams. Whens the last time you heard about how fantastic the Spurs dynasty was? Whens the last time you heard Tim Duncans name come up in Greatest of All Time discussion, or any discussion for that matter?

    Covering the NBA has become a game in it's own. ESPN has become the puppet master. Dwight Howard was being pushed towards the Lakers four years ago. Deron Williams was being pushed to a major market four years ago. Utah smartened up and shipped him because they knew the game. ESPN starts in early on these guys and then by the time they get to the last year of there contract, not only have they enabled them to make The Decision to spurn loyalty and money to play under the spotlight, but they've empowered them too. Because it's not the wrong decision, when the biggest sports conglomerate in the world has been saying it's right for the last four years. It's also borderline if not a flat out monopoly. They controll a major chunk of the games that will be put on prime time television. They controll who to promote and who not to promote. Does anyone actually think TNT would sit back and say " You know what, we see whats going on here and we're gunna start airing a steady dose of Bucks, Hawks and Pacer games ". Yah...No.

    Roy Hibbert was a big deal and was all over ESPN last year and now he's with the Pacers four more years and he cant even crack a list of 13 best big men in the league ( top 10 and 3 more to " watch " ). Marc Gasol feels his pain in Memphis . They're only All Star centers. Of course theres 13 other centers in the league that are better than them right??? AM I RIGHT GUYS? Can anyone say with a straight face that if these two guys played in NY and LA , they wouldnt be in that top 10???

    Oh and hey, we might not want Paul George to blow up too quickly, because believe me, the countdown clock will start on ESPN. Chris Brousard will be taken out of the tool box, sat in front of the camera and tell us, with a **** eating grin on his face, that Paul George will be playing for the Lakers in 2016.

    It kind of feels like when I was a kid and I learned wrestling was fake.

    GO Basketball! * Chair shot to my head *

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