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    Default Re: Stern to retire

    Mixed feelings about Stern.

    Hated the unfair brawl suspensions which did not acknowledge the extent of Detroit's role. That alone will always effect my opinion.

    Marketing star players got the NBA out of the doldrums, but it is to the detriment of the league now. The NBA has "graduated" from that type of marketing IMHO. I would love to see more marketing of teams rather than players. It won't take place overnight, but eventually that will lead at least somewhat to less people showing up to Bankers Life in Lebron jerseys when they've never been within 300 miles of South Beach in their lives. Seeing those lame 16 year old fan boys drives me crazy.

    I still say one of the most positive things Stern did was institute the dress code, but I won't say why since it gets political.

    Hope to see a cap structure that promotes real parity some day as well.

    I don't expect any real changes from Silver. Guy has been Stern's chosen person for years. I think its more likely that the new North Korea leader will open up. Expect more of the same people. Different guy, same regime.
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