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Thread: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

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    Default Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    Why are we calling this Euroball?????

    I may be gettin older than I think because guys this is how the N.B.A. used to be played. Prior to the Rockets making a career out of one low post player & everybody else standing at the three point line there was this thing called ball movement & moving without the ball.

    Guys the Euro's picked this up not because they invented it, it's because they saw the first two dream teams do this. We didn't just throw low post passes all of the time & watch Chuck & Shaq go to work. They moved the ball around & guess what they could shoot.

    Hell, prior to Jermaine O'Neal we did a similar thing. Rik was good in the post but he was at his best when he was facing the basket from about 12' out. Our low post often ran through Jackson & he more often than not would move the ball around from the post, not just go one on one.

    If anything this isn't Euroball, this is just going back to basics.

    Will I welcome J.O. back? Hell ya. Eventually you have to have a superstar that can take over a game to win it all, but I think you can make a run at it with teamwork.

    Enough of that, now to the game.

    It's to the point now that I feel like if I talk about Croshere anymore I am just going to be beating a deadhorse but damn. Another night of 23 points & 12 rebounds. I'm not comparing him to J.O. at all but let's just say our statistical production from our powerforward spot hasn't dropped off any at all. Before anybody explodes I'm not putting him in O'Neals catagory but Austin is proving what some of us said for all those years that Zeke was here. Austin was being screwed. This guy could make a serious run at M.I.P. Can anybody argue that this guy doesn't deserve to still start when everybody is back? I mean in all honesty can you complain about one thing about this guy? His defense is solid. His rebounding is outstanding. He offers an offensive option & his freethrow shooting has saved the last two games in a row for us. To bench him would be an insult to him & to the game of basketball itself.

    Fred Jones. When he wants to he can be the most dynamic player on our team. He has moves that I honestly don't think we've ever had on our team. The hang time he can put up while jumping is out of this world good. I'd like to see him play consistant from begining to end, but if he continues to bail us out at the end of games who I am I to complain. One thing I would like to make sure of is that everybody apreciates his defensive prowess. This guy is a great perimater defender. Isiah had no clue about Croshere but damn this was one great pick.

    Harrison is getting great game time experiance. This cannot be underestimated. He will learn more & more with each game. The last two games have been rough, but the way I see it that every mistake he makes now will be one that he hopefully won't make come March. He has already gotten better about getting cheap fouls. For a guy who really still isn't in game shape he sure can get up in the air quick & his ability to rejump is pretty impressive for as big as he is. The block on that Primoz dunk was after he had already jumped for an Okafor fake. Great recovery by the big man.

    Jamaal. Dammit Jamaal hit your freethrows!!!!!!!!! I about lost my mind when he kept blowing those. But all was well when he tipped in that missed FT from Fred. Actually J.T. was great again tonight. I know he has got to be losing his mind from all of the dropped passes. I think he is going to have to adjust himself to certain players. He cannot throw the ball to David Harrison the same way he throws it to Fred Jones. I cannot beleive that only gave him credit for 1 steal. It seems to me he got his hands on more than that.

    Pollard was in pain & it was plain to see. I bet he misses a couple of games out west. But let's all just give him credit right now. He is a soldier & from what I'm reading & hearing from Rick he has been great in the locker room, a real glue kinda guy. I still hate that trade with the passion of a white hot sun, but I don't hate Scot. He is giving it his all even when you can tell he is in pain. Another player on our team could learn a lesson, IMO. No names mentioned. I hope when everybody gets back that Pollard isn't relagated to DNP-CD's.

    James Jones had a bad game. I won't pull any punches about it. I'd like to see him work on a game inside the three point line & just because he had a couple of 10+ rebound games doesn't mean he can have a ZERO rebound game. Hey wait a min. More three point field goal attempts than normal shots & zero rebounds. Maybe he thought he was replacing Reggie on the floor instead of Ron. I still will go to battle with the guy over the big potential. At least James will play & up until last night he had played well.

    Now that I've seen both the # 1 & # 2 picks in the league this year I have to say that I can't make up my mind as to who I prefer. Howard seems to maybe have more upside, but Okafor is more polished at present. I like both players & IMO the east in about 3-4 years will be a very physical conf.

    Fans helped the team over the top again last night, it took a little to get going this time though. Probably a little let down from the Min. win. Hey, it happens.

    Another great win & let's not forget that this is the same Bobcat team that took Detroit to double overtime one game & then beat them the next time.

    A.J. should be back next week so we'll see where he goes in the rotation & what position he plays. I bet he gets lots of min. at the two guard with Freddy taking some of his min. from the 3.

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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    Thanks Peck! I always enjoy your game posts.

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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....


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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    I want to talk about Fred Jones.

    He has it.

    He has that certain "it" that separates certain players from others. The "It" I am talking about is a certain mental toughness, that few players have. WE all know he is a great athlete, can jump as well as anyone, but it is his mental toughness that allows him to be as good as he is.

    In the second half last night I really did not want anyone else to shoot the ball, I wanted every play to run through Freddie, I got excited with every shot he took.

    Someone posted yesterday that Fred is a little like Dwayne Wade, and I think that is the most accurate comparison I have heard. Fred at the top of the key with the ball has to scare defenders to death because he is so quick, so strong, and he finishes so well that teams have to bring help.

    I have the utmost confidence in Freddie, just get him the ball and let him create something. When he gets the ball rarely do bad things happen. He needs to be more aggressive.

    Peck, I agree Cro has been marvelous. But he cannot keep these type of minutes up, last night as he got tired he made a few "interesting plays". Rick took him out for a few minutes midway in the 4th quarter then he came back in and finished strong.

    There is no one I want on the free throw line in cluthc situations than Cro, and I am more than confident in him taking clutch shots, but he needs to keep it in his mind not to try to do too much. It makes me nervous when he puts te ball on the floor without a clear path to the basket, because when he tries to pass the ball on ther move it can be rather scary.

    James Jones has hit the wall. He was on the court last night, but he was a non-factor. I like James, he is a smart player who can certainly shoot the ball, and is a surprising defender, but his upside is a somewhat limited. He will never be more than a role player.

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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    I thnink James got screwed by coaching tactics, to a degree. It seemed on ofense, his job was to stand on the three point line, in the corner, and do his best Steve Kerr impersonation. On D, it seemed his job was to hover around the arc and defend against three point shots. The only time I truly saw him go down low on D was when his man got under the basket.

    He did seems out of it, but it really seemed like the coaching staff had a gameplan that didn't neccesarily include him.

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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    I think James was a victim of the vastly decreased ball movement we showed last night. You can't shoot if no one ever passes you the ball.

    And Peck, let's see how Jeff looks when he comes back, before you just give his starting spot away. If we judged Austin purely on how he looked last year, he'd be sitting next to John Edwards most of the night.

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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    Freddy is just simply amazing, and I have been his biggest advocate since he was drafted. Like UB said, his game and his toughness is not something the Pacers have had, and he definitely gives us that. It is so much fun to watch him, and I hope he tries to get even more involved in the offense.
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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    Great post, except for the "Cro got screwed by Zeke" stuff. I thought we'd succeeded in killing that particular urban legend.

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    Default Re: Odd thoughts from the Bobcats game....

    I'm so glad to see you guys following my lead.

    OK OK - I'm not that knowledgable. At least I agree. And UB - yes, Jones has "it".
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