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    You don't know how Tennessee got three wins? Tennessee has a very good runner and a running game (the Colts usually give up a bunch of yards on the ground). They have a very good veteran QB. That should be enough. How in the hell did Indy get three wins? What makes you think they will win any road game this year?
    Tennessee has a horrible, inconsistent running game, even worse than Indy's. Titans average 86 yards a game, and Indy is actually up around 100/game. Chris Johnson has been extremely inconsistent. He's been alright the last two games, but that's no indicator. We're getting Redding back and Angerer and Davis are back... we'll make things hard on CJ.

    And you're right about Indy --- how do we have 3 wins? You look at what we got, and then you realize how awesome our rookie QB has been, throwing to 1 guy. I know that's tough for you to grasp though, you're head is stuck too far up RG3's *** to see how good Luck is.
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