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Thread: Artest on late night talk shows

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    Default Artest on late night talk shows

    Being Thanksgiving break and all, I've been able to watch Letterman/Conan three nights in a row.

    Of course, they take every opportunity they can to make fun of anything- and they have done so with Artest.

    Heres some things I saw these past three nights:

    -On Conan, they had a segment on "What celebrities are doing on Thanksgiving", where they show a picture zoomed in on a celebrity doing something normal for thanksgiving, then zoom out and it's something totally different, and one of them was Artest stuffing a turkey. They zoomed out to how him with two turkeys on his fist, punching two guys in Pistons jerseys.

    That's all I can remember (yeah, I know I said things but I can't remember more than one clearly). Anyone else have something they saw on any of the late night talk shows?

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    Default Re: Artest on late night talk shows

    One night on Conan they had some guy in a 91 jersey - I don't remember what all he did, but I remember him running into the audience.

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