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    Positive things said about the Pacers. Hurry vnzla81 and olblu, put us back in check.

    I've expounded enough on the Hawks already, so I'll go easy here. The Eastern Conference has a clear top three in Miami, Boston, and Indiana, so this prediction assumes that the forgotten Hawks outperform two among the intriguing New York–Brooklyn–Philadelphia crew.
    Gerald Green Will Average in Double Figures and Emerge As One of the Season's Feel-good Stories

    If he were a power forward, the Pacers would be set. Alas, he's a wing player on a team with two entrenched wing starters in Danny Granger and Paul George, meaning it'll be hard for Green to get the crunch-time reps that generate Sixth Man of the Year votes. Harden and Ginobili are going to monopolize the top two spots on that ballot, anyway.

    But Green can score, and with Indiana having taken a slight step down at backup point guard, with D.J. Augustin in Darren Collison's spot, the Pacers will need Green to score in bulk on bench units. He'll take some bad shots and get lost on defense here and there, but the good should outweigh the bad.

    A word on the Pacers: Fans love to toss Danny Granger's name into trade talks, with a Granger-Millsap swap perhaps the most popular proposed fake trade in the entire league in various two-, three-, and four-team forms. The idea would be to move George to small forward, wipe away Granger's salary ($13 million this season, $14 million next), upgrade the big-man rotation (a huge weak spot last season after Roy Hibbert and David West), and send Granger to a team that needs scoring.

    I'm not betting on anything like this happening. Granger is in that sweet spot where his contract is short enough for Indiana to hold it without regret, but also large enough for rebuilding teams to blanch — especially since Granger is 29 and clearly not a no. 1 option on a good team. This kind of deal also puts enormous pressure on George, who has major potential but also spends entire halves as a pretty passive offensive player. He's ready for more, but is he ready to be the no. 1 perimeter option on a team that wants to contend, fill its arena, and avoid regressing even a little bit?

    The one caveat: Teams that didn't think they could make any noise this summer may eventually shrug and look at deals that expire after next season — like Granger's — as a sort of pre-expiring contract they'd be willing to take on, provided they don't have to surrender much value. After all, teams starting next season must spend at least 90 percent of the increased cap figure on players, up from 85 percent now. Indiana would obviously want something of value, so any trade like that would require at least three teams.

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    Nice article. Ugh I hate talking about trading Danny. I don't want to do it, even though it could very well be whats best for the team.

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    Default Re: Grantland Predictions

    Granger is clearly not a number one option on a good team, yet is clearly the number one option on a good team. HAHAHAHA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad-Mad-Mario View Post
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    Nice article. Ugh I hate talking about trading Danny. I don't want to do it, even though it could very well be whats best for the team.
    I certainly think that there will be opportunities for the Pacers to move Granger...but I do not think that it will be until ( at the earliest ) the 2013-2014 Offseason. normal, I think that KP/DW won't actively look to move Granger ( mainly for continuity concerns )....but will always be willing to listen to offers anytime between now and the 2013-2014 trade deadline ( 1.5 years from now ).

    I see ZERO chance that the Jazz re-sign Milsap given their depth in the Frontcourt...which opens up the opportunity for them to look to get something before Milsap AND/OR AlJeff goes onto be UFAs in the 2013-2014 season. As Grantland suggests....I would not be surprised if the Pacers and/or the Jazz does look into a swap of Granger for Milsap.

    As for the Pacers....I don't think that they will extend Granger after the 2013-2014 season...and think that they need to save the $$$ to re-sign PGeorge once he becomes a RFA. Yes, they can go over the Cap and LT to re-sign him...but I do not think that PGeorge will come cheap and we know that the Simons would be reluctant to pay the LT unless it's to ensure that they can win a Championship.

    Either way, I can only see Granger being moved at any point before he earliest guess is unless it is to secure Milsap or by the 2013-2014 offseason.
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    Default Re: Grantland Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Eleazar View Post
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    Granger is clearly not a number one option on a good team, yet is clearly the number one option on a good team. HAHAHAHA
    Thanks for bringing that up. Yeah, it makes my head hurt. Granger WAS our first option last season, and is probably going to be no worse than option 1A this season. The Pacers had the 5th best record in the NBA last year, so clearly they were a "good team", regardless of what else you think of them long term... Therefore Danny Granger is a first option on a good team, clearly...

    In fact, i'd argue that post All-Star break he was a more than adequate first option for a team like ours. I'll take 19.4-5.1 on 45/41/90 all day every day no take backs.

    He isn't an elite first option that would carry a team built like the Mavericks when they won and Dirk played like a god, but our team isn't made like that. We have 5 starters, each whom can score 20 points on any given nights and Danny who can score 30 on any given night, how many teams can say that? Danny works just fine as a first option for how we put together our team. Obviously Prime Pierce, Lebron James or something would be better, but that isn't really a knock on Danny. In fact, some players, like Rudy Gay or Carmelo Anthony, while more developed 1 on 1 players, stop the ball so much that I think our team benefits from Danny more.

    Moving Danny for a guy like Milsapp would be a mistake imo, Granger is consistently our biggest +/- guy, and his play is statistically perhaps the biggest indicator of Pacer outcomes. We were elite when he scored 20+ and he was like 14 ppg on terrible percentages in our losses, he'd be tough to replace, and I like West for a few more years at the 4 anyhow. If we were to move on from West or Danny I'd rather the replacement at the 4 position be a banger, defender/rebounder kindof guy, as opposed to Milsapp, who hangs around the perimeter about as much as West does.

    I admit the possibility of Gerald Green continuing to break out, and having him as a good starter level player for 3 million per while moving Paul (who is clearly the future along with Roy of this team) to the 3 is intriguing, and opens up the potential to majorly upgrade a position while still keeping costs under control. I would prefer we don't excepting some obvious steal of a deal, as always.

    Part of it is my personal feelings regarding Granger (I like him alot), and my desire to see him share in our success since he stuck it out through the dark ages, but he is still a very good, very important piece to this team. I'm high on him being pretty consistent in level for at least a few more years too, he doesn't rely on athleticism, and i'm anxious to see if the Platelet Rich plasma treatment strengthens his knee in the long run, which would be fantastic.
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