I am interested in getting feedback from those that have been to BLF and seen the new scoreboard - all $16 million worth (thanks Herb). I know the whole video display hasn't been opened up yet, but the HD graphics part of it on all sides can be seen as well as the two boards at either end of the Fieldhouse. While the display as it stands is pretty amazing, I have a couple of thoughts on it as I saw it at last Tuesday's game with Atlanta. I sat in my usual spot in the upper level and had a great view of the full length of the display from there. How is the view from the lower level? Can you see it as easily from there or do you have lean back a bit from time to time to see what video display is on at the moment. I walked around to take a look at the end panels which are tilted a bit to give those at the North and South ends of the Fieldhouse a better view. One thing I noticed and I wanted to see what others thought, is that those panels are not as tall as the side panels which are 21 feet high. Since the end panels aren't but 15-17 feet high, the top portion was filled in with what appears to be a cardboard Kroger sign, which looked a bit tacky considering the HD polished look of everything else that makes up the scoreboard. Too bad it isn't 100% HD on all sides of the sign, since it is fairly amazing beyond that. The area above the Kroger sign is also open to the wiring and cables that hold the whole thing is place which, I suppose, is not a big deal. I also noticed that a smaller font was necessary for longer player names such as Stephenson, so those displays aren't the same size as the shorter names and a little harder to read. I suppose those with 20/20 vision wouldn't have a problem with that, but it is too bad all the names don't appear the same - font-wise. Also the sound is great, a big improvement over the MSA speakers, but does it have to be that loud? I've heard others say the same thing, before I saw/heard it myself. One other item, which is probably easily corrected, is that I thought the scores from other games that roll by continually throughout the evening at both ends of the Fieldhouse, do so rather quickly. By the time I glanced to check a score of a particular game, it had rolled by to a second or third set of scores. I would prefer it moved a bit slower, but that's just me. Guess I'm just being a bit picky, but I wanted to get others' thoughts. Overall, it is going to be a fantastic experience for the fans this year, not to mention the Pacer team out on the floor. Hope I don't find myself, like those in Dallas, viewing the HD scoreboard more than watching the game taking place with human lifeforms right there on the BLF floor. If that happens too much, I might just as well watch on HDTV at home. Well that's it. Have you been to a game yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the scoreboard that is, without question, the best in the NBA?