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You don't know what you are talking about. Peyton had one of the great rookie seasons in NFL history. He threw for 3739 yards and 26 TDs. He did have 28 INTs.

Luck is on pace to throw for 4464 yards but only 18 TDs with 18 INTs.

Peyton was the first NFL rookie QB to throw for 3 TDs in a game against the 49ers. He set five NFL rookie records that year. If Luck has many more performances like today, he will not get that many yards. We will see how he adds up at the end of the season but Peyton was great in his first season no matter what you say. Andrew Luck is the 30th rated QB in the NFL and going lower. He isn't going to be eating anybody's lunch at the rate he is going. Romo in the next three years has enough talent on his team to go to a superbowl with some good fortune and some more good players added. Luck isn't going anywhere. So, it is not petty, what you say is simple absurd. So, Luck has won three games. That doesn't mean anything to me, he may or may not win any more. He might not even finish the season and come close to Peyton in any catagory. He could have a 5 INT game. When the season is over, then we will talk but do not tell me that a 30th rated passer in the NFL is doing anything at all. He is also throwing the ball much more than Peyton did and his completion percentage is just horrible......
You're correct a guy who can get 4464 yards rookie season is probably the worst QB in the NFL. On what planet does that logic work?