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Thread: 10/16 - Preseason vs. Atlanta (Highlights/Discussion)

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    Default 10/16 - Preseason vs. Atlanta (Highlights/Discussion)

    Plumlee delivers the FACIAL!

    Paul George puts down the alley-oop from DJ Augustin!

    Jeff Pendergraph alley-oops to Gerald Green for the skywalking jam!

    Roy Hibbert lobs it to Paul George for the one-handed dunk!

    This was a great game, in my opinion! I got to go with my dad to our first Pacers game together since (probably) 2009 or so. And since we sat with Area 55 for the last three quarters, we had a BLAST! It was awesome seeing everyone, as per usual, and I'm really glad my dad enjoyed himself.

    On that note, he said he was very impressed with Green, Augustin, and Plumlee. I would say the same as well, but Paul really showed out tonight (20 points, 8 boards, 4 assists), despite going 4/20 (or something) from the field. Hibbert had a sweet double-double (18 and 12 if I'm not mistaken). I was impressed with the game. There are definitely some things about the team in general that need to be polished (better passing, less fumbling with the ball, etc.). However, I have a feeling that, as the Pacers continue to play against NBA talent instead of each other in practice, they'll get more acclimated to making back-door cuts, lobbing properly, making good passes, etc.

    However, I was incredibly impressed with several of Augustin's passes. Spot-on, decent bounces, and made two great lobs to Paul George. However, Paul fumbled the second lob, which otherwise would have been an incredible tomahawk dunk.

    I'm really excited for this season, and I'm psyched that I've gotten to party with Area 55 for both home preseason games thus far!
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    In conclusion, Paul George is awesome.
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