Last night, really late on TNT, David Aldridge reported that the reason why David Harrison was really not suspended was because if they had suspended one more Pacer player, they would have had to stagger the suspensions due to the fact that they could not have dressed 8 players. Stern did not want to do that because he wanted to inflict the maximum amount of damage possible to the Pacers. I can't find a link to this statement anywhere on the net and I was pretty sleepy, but I am pretty sure those were the words he used.

I am not even sure it works this way because even if they had to stagger suspensions, surely Harrison's would be the last to serve it, but I definitely got the feeling Adridge believes that Stern laid down the punishments in a way to present the NBA's position that it was the Pacers to blame, not just the players, but the organization as well.