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    If you're not following me on Twitter, you should be. Gave away my tickets to tonight's game there earlier today, and will continue to do so periodically throughout the season. Only MJB Twitter followers will be considered. Find me at mark_j_boyle.



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    we should try and get #BoyleSwag trending on twitter sometime. The man must have an extremely colorful closet.

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    Followed you for a long time. I cleaned a bunch up a while back and took you off for some reason (probably because you said that Butte wasnt beautiful). ;-) I'm actually glad you started this thread because I forgot how much I enjoyed your tweeting. BTW, it's really cool how you come on here and twitter to answer our questions. Gotta love a successful guy who doesn't think he's better than others.

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    Do you get tickets for road games (wink wink)?

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    Reported for spam.

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